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Saving YOU Money and
Supporting Your Chiropractic Association.


How we help Chiropractic!

* Save you 10- 30% on your credit card processing fees. 

* The new credit card processing company then donates monthly to your chosen State Association or chiropractic organization so they have extra funds to support the causes important to them. 

Why Us?

We have a proven record of working with Chiropractors, State Associations and Chiropractic organizations for over 7 years and have a successful track record of saving clinics money and contributing generously to these organizations. We work to support Chiropractors helping them keep more of their hard earned money while ensuring Chiropractic organizations can continue supporting Chiropractors and Chiropractic causes.

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Get more information about credit card processing. How you can save money and help your state association!

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